Why Strategic Beta Is Here to Stay

It promises what it can deliver.

John Rekenthaler 25 March, 2016 | 15:25
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Two Ph.D.s at BlackRock, Ronald Kahn and Michael Lemmon, have published an article that predicts continued success for strategic-beta funds (to use Morningstar's marketing-shorn phrase for what the authors call "smart beta"--that is, the approach of investing mechanically but selectively, by using a system that buys only securities that have certain features (i.e. factor exposures, or betas). Examples would be a fund that buys only low-volatility issues, or one that holds stocks that have low price ratios and high recent price momentum.

That BlackRock, a purveyor of strategic-beta funds, forecasts health and happiness for strategic beta comes as no surprise. It could hardly be otherwise. However, despite the authors' self-interest, their outlook is correct. There are valid reasons why strategic beta has commanded headlines during the past few years--and has accumulated more than $300 billion in assets.

The authors find it significant that strategic-beta funds were created not by market demand, but instead by providers who anticipated the market's needs. Such "disruptive innovations," to use their term, are "motivated by a vision of how clients ought to invest--even when they do not realize a change is needed." As with personal computers and index investing, strategic-beta funds gave customers what they did not request, and did not believe that they needed.

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