Morningstar mutual fund categorization system is enhanced

To better categorize mutual funds, we have enhanced our Morningstar mutual fund categorization system to cater investors’ needs.

Morningstar Analysts 02 June, 2009 | 0:00
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To ensure our categorization system is responsive to the fast-changing mutual fund market, we monitor and review our system from time to time. In the past several years of ups and downs, globalization and financial innovation blend to create a long list of new fund types, such as BRIC equity funds and infrastructure equity funds, thus we would like to enhance our categorization system to cater investors’ needs, and more importantly, to ensure that our Morningstar rating, which heavily bases on the fairness of the categorization system, is an effective investment tool for mutual fund investors.

To achieve this, the following changes have been undertaken:

New Categories

Diversified Equity-

Africa Equity

Africa & Middle East Equity

Brazil Equity

BRIC Equity

Greece Equity

Poland Equity

Turkey Equity


Specialty Equity-

Sector Equity Natural Resources

Sector Equity Alternative Energy

Sector Equity Ecology

Sector Equity Infrastructure

Sector Equity Private Equity


Unrated Equity-

Other Europe Equity (formerly Eurozone Single Country Equity)

Other Asia-Pacific Equity (formerly Emerging Asia Single Country Equity)

Other Americas Equity


Bond & Money Market-

Turkey Bond

TRY Money Market



Real Estate Direct – Germany (Funds Will Be Placed in ‘Sector Real Estate Direct’)


To learn more about our categorization system, please click here.

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