Morningstar Quicktake Report

Morningstar Quicktake Report provides detailed performance, risk, and management information for funds.

Morningstar Analysts 26 October, 2012 | 0:00
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Morningstar Quicktake Report provides detailed performance, risk, and management information for funds. Basically, Quicktake Report contains everything you need for fund selection and as well as fund portfolio construction. Firstly, let’s look into different sections of Quicktake Report via the table below.

Quicktake Report





Including Performance History, Key Stats (Morningstar Analyst Rating, Morningstar Category, GIFS, IFA Sector and Registered, ISIN, Inception Date etc.), Benchmarks etc.


Including charts of Growth, Price, Rolling Returns; Benchmark and Currency can be customized; one fund or more funds can be added to the chart to compare; in addition, Morningstar Rating and Dividend can be added to the chart.

Analyst Research

Extracted from Morningstar Analyst Reports, including Morningstar’s Take, Morningstar Analyst Rating, Portfolio Role, Executive Summary, etc.

Total Return

Including Growth of $10,000, Annual Returns, Trailing Returns, Quarterly Returns, etc.


Including Investment Style Details, Valuations and Growth Rates (Equity Portfolio), Asset Allocation, World Regions, Sector Weightings, Top 10 Holdings, etc.

Rating & Risk

Including Morningstar Rating (3, 5, 10 years and overall rating), Volatility Measurements (Arithmetic-Return, Standard Deviation, Sharpe Ratio), Modern Portfolio Statistics (Alpha, Beta, R-Squared), 3-Year Volatility (Relative to Hong Kong Market), etc.


Including Inception Date, Domicile, Fund Advisor, Investment Provider, Local Representative, Manager Name, Manager Start Date, Biography, etc.


Including Sales Charges (Front Load Fee, Deferred Load Fee, Redemption Fee, Switching Fee), Annual Charges (Management Fee, Total Expense Ration), Minimum Investments, etc.  

Access to Morningstar Quicktake Report for Funds
There are several ways to access to Quicktake Report. Apart from access from fund list in Fund Quickrank, the most direct way is to search by ISIN code or fund name via Fund Selector embedded on our homepage or other major pages. And then by clicking on the fund name of this fund, you are already there—the Quicktake Report for this fund. You can also search funds by the partial name in the Fund Selector. All funds with this partial name will then be displayed. In addition, you can also gain access to Quicktake Report via “Top 10 funds ranked by 3-months” and “Fund Spotlight” on our home page simply by clicking on the fund names within the lists. The “Analyst Reports” list will take you to the “Analyst Research” section in Quicktake Report.


How does Quicktake Report interact with other Morningstar Fund Tools?

In our last feature, we mentioned that you can gain access to Quicktake interface from “Fund Quickrank”. Other fund tools, such as “Fund Selector”, "Category Quickrank”, "Analyst Report”, are all closely related to Quicktake Report. All the above mentioned tools are different search engines with different search criteria, while Quicktake Report is the core of all these engines. The comprehensive information provided by Quicktake Report can help you make a better choice when investing in funds.


Where are the Data Definitions in Quicktake Report?

For new investors, it’s better to understand all the data points in Quicktake Report before using those reports as reference. To view the data definitions, just click on the “Glossary” button within each report.

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